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Latest news about the Overseas Indian Card (OIC)


NEW DELHI: The Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed a bill, paving the way for registration of Overseas Indian Cardholders (OIC) instead of Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) and seeking to bring within the scope of citizenship a person “who is ordinarily a resident” instead of the person who has been residing in India for a specified period. However, no person who has been a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other country as decided by the government, will be eligible for registration as an OIC under the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2011.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2011 The Amendment Bill, 2011 is intended to make foreigner spouse of an Overseas Indian Card Holder eligible for an Overseas Indian Card and amend the sub-clause (2) of clause 7C. Minors’ rights to apply for citizenship have also been defined. The proposed amendments shall make re-acquisition of Indian Citizenship easier for erstwhile citizens of India and also for the Persons of Indian Orgin. The motion for consideration of the Bill was adopted. Clause etc, as amended, were adopted. The Bill, as amended was passed.